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Asphalt Overlay vs. Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt Overlay and Asphalt Sealcoating Are Very Similar

Are you wondering about the difference between asphalt overlay vs. asphalt sealcoating? You’re actually not alone. Many of our clients are unfamiliar with the difference between an asphalt overlay and asphalt sealcoating. That’s totally understandable. Both paving methods are similar. Paving Plus uses them for repair and maintenance. It’s July, and you might be considering one or the other. So we’re blogging about the difference in asphalt overlay vs. asphalt sealcoating.


An Asphalt Overlay is a Patching Project Over a Stretch of Asphalt

What you need to know about an asphalt overlay is it’s a patch job done on a stretch of asphalt. Paving Plus performs an asphalt overlay when asphalt is showing some cracks or potholes. The asphalt’s damage doesn’t need replacement. Without tearing up an old asphalt surface entirely, we can do an asphalt overlay project. We do this by using the existing layers as a base for the new asphalt pavement. If there is damage like rutting, potholes, large cracks, and expansions, we’ll need to do milling before applying an overlay.


Performing an Asphalt Overlay Won’t Completely Solve the Problem

Overlaying your old asphalt will not repair any issues underneath. Any cracks you have now will show through the new surface within a year or two. It’s very similar to patching a pothole, as we wrote about in last month’s blog. It’s essentially like putting a bandage on a cut. Paving Plus can do it, but we generally don’t recommend it in most circumstances.


Asphalt Sealcoating is Laying Hot Asphalt on an Existing Surface

With asphalt sealcoating, we lay a layer of hot asphalt onto your existing surface, giving you a new asphalt surface. To put it into perspective, sealcoating is more like putting a coat of paint on your house. The slightly shiny surface will discourage wear-and-tear and protect against damaging sunlight. The method also prevents water or other spills from reaching the interior.


Businesses Should Get Asphalt Sealcoating Every Two to Three Years

Asphalt sealcoating is crucial when you have a driveway. Paving Plus provides sealcoating to preserve the driveway. If you’re a business owner, we recommend getting asphalt sealcoating for your parking lot every two to three years. If you don’t treat the small cracks in the driveway or parking lot, they can expand and begin to cause more damage. As a result, the asphalt can be unsafe for vehicles, family, and customers.


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