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Blog 8

Asphalt Paving for First-Time Homeowners

Paving Plus Eases Your Stress After Buying a New Home

Asphalt paving for first-time homeowners can be a stressful and confusing time. You just made the biggest investment of your lives when you bought the house in Southwest Virginia. The driveway appears to be in bad shape. Maybe you don’t even have a driveway, but you want one. Your best move would be to contact Paving Plus for our driveway services. We ease your stress regarding asphalt paving. In this month’s blog, we’re focusing on asphalt paving for first-time homeowners.


We Arrive at Your Home to Inspect the Asphalt Paving Site

When you call Paving Plus about asphalt paving, we’ll visit your home to see the location of the project. Our contractor will perform an on-site inspection, which helps us understand exactly what the size of the paving project is. We will take measurements, and consult with you about any concerns regarding asphalt paving for first-time homeowners.


Our Paving Contractor Talks with You About Your Paving Needs

Upon inspection, we will talk with you about your expectations and requirements for the project. We want you to be aware of exactly what goes into our professional asphalt paving. Our paving contractor will answer any questions you have, and make sure you understand what happens when you hire us.


Count on Our Project Estimate to Be Fair and Competitive

After Paving Plus inspects the site, and talks with you about your paving needs, we give the estimate. You can trust the estimate will be fair and competitive. We know you want to get the best service, but you can trust our honesty and skills. We can tweak our estimate based on your needs and budget.


Our Team Performs the Proper Preparations Before Paving

When you accept our estimate on the project, Paving Plus will schedule a time to start the paving process. That process will include grading and sloping, preparing the sub base, and adding the binder. When we have done the proper preparations, we add a fresh layer of asphalt. We’re not done with any of our projects are done until we perform a final inspection of the driveway. If there’s something wrong, we take care of it.


Contact Paving Plus at (541) 731-3000 when you need asphalt paving for your new house. Check us out on Facebook for the latest news and information about asphalt paving for new homeowners.