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Parking Lot & Sidewalk

Installations & Upgrades

Paving Plus Provides Professional Business & Commercial Paving Services

Paving Plus installs high-grade business, commercial, and church parking lots and sidewalks throughout the Christiansburg area. Our parking lot and sidewalk installations are designed to withstand constant traffic and abuse. We use professional, quality ingredients in our proprietary asphalt blend to ensure durability and a rock hard, solid, impermeable surface that is well suited to the local Virginia climate.

It is important to provide solid, smooth parking and walking surfaces for your customers. Clean, intact parking lots and sidewalks are vital to curb appeal (and provide a strong indicator to your customer regarding your own commitment to quality). In many cases, asphalt upgrades can be installed right over existing lots and sidewalks. Call us for details.

Protection from Liability Claims, Damage, & Loss of Business

Intact, secure ground level surfaces also offer a degree of protection for you and your business from potential liability claims. People fall, and they fall more often on broken or uneven surfaces. If your public thoroughfare surfaces are in bad condition, your entire livelihood could be at risk. Don’t let that happen to you. Let Paving Plus keep your exterior surfaces well maintained and attractive for a fair price.

Smooth, level lots are much easier to keep clean and maintained than those in disrepair, as well. Level, intact lots are also easier to plow in the winter and face less risk of damage when being skimmed with the snowplow. Once your parking lot becomes uneven, regular snow maintenance will quickly begin to destroy the surface. A clean, even, well-drained lot is always welcoming.

Your potential customers may decide to take their business elsewhere rather than risk damaging their vehicle or a fall into mud or puddles of water if you present an uneven, crumbling, or unpaved parking lot for the customer. Don’t let your poorly maintained pavement result in a loss of business. Paving Plus will keep your business running great and bringing in the customers. Everyone loves a freshly paved surface. Call us today in Christiansburg! (540) 731-3000

Eliminate Muddy-Uneven Roads

Add Pavement to Access Roads

Your parking lot is the first interaction that your customers have with your business. Make a good impression with a custom designed parking lot by Paving Plus.

Paving Plus Parking Lots – Custom Striping, Signs, Protective Stops, & Bollards

Your parking lot is the first interaction that your customers have with your business. Make a good impression with a custom designed parking lot by Paving Plus. 

We install all type of parking lots & roadways:

  • \ Church Driveways
  • \ Church Parking Lots
  • \ Driveways
  • \ Custom Striping
  • \ Designated Straight or Angled Parking Spots
  • \ Roads
  • \ Sidewalks
  • \ Reflectors
  • \ Drainage
  • \ Speed Bumps & Humps
  • \ Signage (Posts & Signs)
  • \ Parking Barriers & Stops
  • \ Parking Lots
  • \ Protective Bollards
  • \ Decorative Bollards

Basketball/Sports Courts, Running Tracks, & Playgrounds

We can install sports courts and sports surfaces of all types throughout the Christiansburg area, including:

  • \ Basketball Courts
  • \ Combination Sports Courts
  • \ Outdoor Athletic Centers
  • \ Running Tracks
  • \ Tennis Courts
  • \ Volleyball Courts
  • \ Playgrounds
  • \ Court Maintenance
  • \ Court Repair

Investing in Health & Longevity

We can also install beautiful, durable playgrounds for schools, churches, daycare centers and other child-based businesses, and for homeowners, as well. Providing a space for sports and recreational activities is one of the most significant and important investments that you can make in the lives of others.

You are literally investing in their health and longevity and they will always hold a special memory of you and/or your business or providing them with a memorable recreational opportunity. Call Pavement Plus and let us enhance your business today!