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Hiring A Licensed And Insured Paving Contractor

Insurance Keeps Workers and Customers Covered

Are you hiring a licensed and insured paving contractor? Contractors in multiple trades specializing in different services and skills must have some level of insurance coverage. Paving contractors are no different. Insurance plans for paving contractors covers accident liability, property damage, and pollution liability, among others.

There are specific types of insurance policies just for paving contractors. This month’s blog, will explain how customers can know they are getting the safest work for the best price.


Licensed and Insured Paving Contractors Keep Customers in Mind

Paving job sites can be dangerous places to be around. Hot tar, big machines, loud engines, heavy tools and other equipment are all used on a job site. Think about if a large truck backs into a building, hot asphalt burns a worker or ignites a fire. What happens next?  If any of these accidents would occur, who is to pay for the damage or medical bills? If the contractor does not carry insurance, there is a very good chance that the customer will pay the bills.


Choose The Right Contractor When You See These Types Of Insurance

Two of the most common types of insurance a paving contractor will carry are worker’s compensation and general liability. When a paving contractor has workers’ compensation insurance, it covers their employees only. It will pay for their medical expenses and lost earnings in case an injury occurs on the jobsite.

General liability insurance covers a variety of items. These items include injuries, failure of the paved surface, and damages to property belonging to the customer. If the paving work takes place at another business, general liability insurance covers any damage.


Hire Paving Plus For Your Next Project–We are Licensed and Insured

The crews of Paving Plus have over 20 years of experience. Our crews understand the importance of being aware of their surroundings and utilizing effective communication in industrial environments.

Safety is the highest priority at Paving Plus. We have the experience to get the job done in difficult and dangerous conditions. We are a fully insured and licensed paving contractor in Christiansburg, VA. Our staff proudly and safely serves residential and commercial customers in Roanoke, Bent Mountain, New River Valley, and beyond.



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