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Make a Good First Impression with Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Well-Maintained Parking Lots Draw Customers to Your Business

When you own a business, one of your hopes is that you make a good first impression with your asphalt parking lot. Have you driven to a business for the first time in Southwest Virginia and your plans change immediately? Your view of the business changed because of the parking lot. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Imagine the potential customer seeing your asphalt parking lot’s potholes, patches, cracks, faded striping, or other unsightly issues. Unfortunately, this happens a lot more often than you think it does. Your asphalt parking lot could be setting the tone for you long before customers enter your establishment.


Parking Lot Problems are Often Overlooked in Southwest Virginia

Your parking lot’s condition is something that business owners often overlook in running their business, especially in challenging economic times. Don’t overlook this important part of a good first impression in Southwest Virginia. At Paving Plus, we can help you with making your asphalt parking lot become a true asset of your business.


Trust Paving Plus to Inspect Your Crumbling Asphalt Parking Lot

You may not notice the damage throughout your asphalt parking lot, but potential customers will as they drive in. When cracks and potholes make up your parking lot, they don’t make a good first impression. If this is a concern for you, the asphalt parking lot experts at Paving Plus suggest scheduling a parking lot inspection. We will determine where the problems and potential issues may be. Our certified asphalt contractor will check for issues in the pavement including, but not limited to:







Faded Striping

Lack of Handicapped Parking





There Are Many Ways We Can Repair the Asphalt

Whatever the issues are with your asphalt parking lot, they come with their own set of conditions. You can rest assured there are several ways Paving Plus can repair potholes and cracks to create a good first impression. Just having us fill a pothole may not be enough with your parking lot. The experienced paving team at Paving Plus can treat the cosmetic and functional damage of your asphalt parking lot.


Avoid Potential Liability Claims with an Accessible Parking Lot

Is there potential for customers falling, tripping, or twisting an ankle in your asphalt parking lot from potholes and cracks? Have drivers incurred damages because of your parking lot? If any of those problems occur, they don’t create a good first impression. They create a chance for legal issues. Asphalt parking lots with no or very little damage offer a layer of protection for business owners from potential liability claims. Don’t put your business in jeopardy by not taking care of your asphalt parking lot.


Potential customers might decide to take their business elsewhere if your parking lot is in bad shape. Paving Plus can provide a freshly paved asphalt parking lot or make repairs so your customers have a good first impression.


Don’t Make Your Asphalt Parking Lot a DIY Project

You might be tempted to tackle the potholes or cracks yourself, but you shouldn’t treat this as a DIY project. You probably don’t have the tools, materials, or time to do it. Call our professional staff today to get an evaluation and free estimate on your parking lot project. Our paving contractor can pave the way for customers to walk to your entry door with confidence and without hesitation.


Improve Your Business Image with Parking Lot Seal Coating

One of the ways to make a good first impression on potential customers is to maintain it with seal coating. Asphalt parking lots require yearly seal coating. Seal coating is a maintenance step that involves Paving Plus applying a protective top layer to a parking lot’s asphalt. The layer, which is sort of like a suit of armor, defends the parking lot from other liquids, like rain or oil. The seal coating of the asphalt parking lot slows the rate of rain penetrating the asphalt. We can perform seal coating for our clients for a reasonable price.


Inspect Your Parking Lot to See if it Has Enough Drainage

You might be confused about why there is always water pooled in the parking lot. It’s the perfect time to rely on Paving Plus. We can inspect your asphalt parking lot to see if it has enough drainage. Substantial drainage prevents rain from staying on your asphalt and creating standing water. Sometimes there isn’t enough ground underneath the parking lot. Without sufficient ground, your parking lot can have depressions that cause standing water. Customers will not have a good first impression under those conditions, especially when driving or walking through deep puddles.


Damaged Asphalt Parking Lots Lower Your Property Value

A damaged asphalt parking not only gives visitors a bad first impression, but it also lowers your property value. When you’re a business owner, diminished property value is one of the worst things that can happen to you. What if you wanted to sell the business? You wouldn’t get as much money out of the sale as you would if you had an inviting parking lot. Paving Plus helps you maintain or even increase your property value by re-paving the asphalt parking lot or repairing the cracks. So let’s get started on creating that first good impression.



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