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Should You Patch a Pothole?

Patching a Pothole is an Inexpensive Short-Term Repair

Should you patch a pothole? That’s a question that homeowners and business owners ask every year when the weather turns warmer. Pothole patching is generally inexpensive, which is a plus during these tough economic times. The drawback to this paving method is that it’s a short-term repair. In this month’s blog, Paving Plus focuses a light on whether you should patch a pothole in Southwestern Virginia.


The Pothole Patch Will Generally Last One Year

Pothole patching is like putting a bandage on a cut. To patch a pothole, Paving Plus would send a pothole patching crew to your location with a set amount of asphalt. Our crews would shovel the asphalt into the holes, and compact the area with a small roller. When we patch a pothole, we perform the service quickly and affordably, but the patch will likely only last one year.


Pothole Patches Normally Degrade Quickly

Pothole patches generally degrade quickly, though. The patches don’t do anything to solve the underlying issue. We repair the pothole with patches, but the area around the pothole patch will continue to degrade. It will continue to do this until the area needs a larger scale patch. Paving Plus often performs pothole patching while there is a plan for extensive work in the future.


Paving Plus Recommends Sealcoating Instead of Patching

Instead of patching a pothole, Paving Plus recommends sealcoating every two to three years. When you have a paved driveway or a parking lot, sealcoating is essential to preserve it. Sealcoating is a maintenance step in which we apply a protective top layer to a driveway or parking lot’s asphalt. The protective layer, which acts like a suit of armor, defends the parking lot from other liquids, especially rain.


Our Paving Contractor Provides an On-Site Inspection

If you’re unsure of whether you should patch or not, Paving Plus can send our experienced paving contractor to your home or business. The contractor will inspect the location of the project in person. An on-site inspection helps us understand exactly what the size of the paving project is. Our paving contractor will take measurements and consult with you about whether you should patch the pothole or sealcoat.


Contact Paving Plus at (541) 731-3000 when you need pothole patching. You can also learn more about us on Facebook. Talk to our team today to learn more if you want to know if you should patch a pothole.