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Why Seal Your Driveway?

Why Seal Your Driveway? BlogMR10

Paving Plus Reviews This Must-Do for Every Homeowner The question, “Why seal your driveway?” is a valid one for property owners to ask. The short answer is that sealing your driveway is essential for preserving its integrity and appearance. At Paving Plus in Christiansburg, VA, we recognize the critical role a well-maintained driveway plays in […]

Asphalt Maintenance Tips

Blog 7

Help Your Asphalt Last Longer with These Maintenance Tips Are you looking for asphalt maintenance tips? You’ve come to the right place. In this month’s blog, Paving Plus is giving our Southwest Virginia clients, and potential clients, asphalt maintenance tips. Your asphalt driveway will be one of your biggest investments this year, so you should […]

Asphalt Maintenance Tips for Southwest Virginia from Paving Plus


How to Keep Pavement Looking Its Very Best? This month, Paving Plus would like to review some asphalt maintenance tips for southwest Virginia. Perhaps you have concerns about a residential driveway or a large parking lot. No matter the type of paved surface, it requires some upkeep. Installing asphalt is just the first step in […]