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The Effects of Rain on Asphalt Parking Lots

Rain Adversely Affects Parking Lots in Southwestern Virginia

As a Southwest Virginia business owner, you have probably seen the effects of rain on asphalt parking lots. Rain helps flowers and plants to grow and flourish, but it can damage asphalt parking lots. There is a reason why experienced paving professionals like Paving Plus recommend preventative asphalt maintenance. If business owners haven’t tended to the small cracks and potholes in the parking lot, rain can become a headache. You need to protect one of your largest assets during inclement weather: your asphalt parking lot. The parking lot is one of the first things customers notice about your business. Your asphalt parking lot should be accessible and welcoming to potential customers.


Paving Plus is Very Experienced in Maintaining Parking Lots

At Paving Plus, we have many years of experience in maintaining asphalt parking lots for business owners and managers. We want to pass on what we have learned over time when rain starts to adversely affect parking lots. If Paving Plus has recently completed your asphalt parking lot, this is a good time to learn to stay ahead of the rain. It might not be too late for older parking lots.


Water Weakens the Bond Between the Asphalt Binder and Aggregates

The biggest problem with rain falling on a parking lot is water weakens the bond between the asphalt binder and aggregates. When your pavement has cracks, it becomes vulnerable to the weather, especially rain. Water can slowly erode an unprotected parking lot and weaken the structural and supportive layers of the payment. If you don’t treat the problem, the small cracks in the asphalt parking lot expand and begin to cause more damage. More holes and cracks can make the parking lot unsafe for vehicles and customers. Paving Plus has seen this happen many times.


Proven Remedies to Protect Asphalt Parking Lots from Rain

You might be worried about the effects of rain on your asphalt parking lot. But there are professional remedies you can do to protect your parking lot from rain ravaging the asphalt. Business owners should follow through on basic asphalt parking lot maintenance. Paving Plus suggests doing these preventive maintenance steps:


Have Paving Plus Repair Your Parking Lot Right Away

If you see a problem with the surface in your asphalt parking lot, promptly perform asphalt repair. Better yet, have Paving Plus do the repair. By trusting us to make the repairs, it will prevent small cracks and potholes from turning into bigger problems. If you have larger sections of damaged asphalt, we can provide an asphalt overlay. Asphalt overlay is a paving method we use to apply a new layer of asphalt to a deteriorating asphalt section. Instead of us tearing up an old asphalt surface, we use the existing layers as a base for the new asphalt. We can perform asphalt paving to restore a rain-damaged surface to a smooth, undamaged asphalt parking lot.


Seal-coat Your Parking Lot to Prevent Rain Damage

Parking lots also require yearly seal coating. Seal coating is a maintenance step that involves Paving Plus applying a protective top layer to a parking lot’s asphalt. The layer, which is sort of like a suit of armor, defends the parking lot from other liquids, especially rain. The seal coating of the asphalt parking lot slows the rate of rain penetrating the asphalt. We can perform seal coating for our clients for a reasonable price.


Inspect Your Parking Lot to See if it Has Enough Drainage

Call Paving Plus to inspect your asphalt parking lot to see if it has enough drainage. Substantial drainage prevents rain from staying on your asphalt and creating standing water. There are a few reasons as to why rain may gather on your asphalt. Sometimes there isn’t enough ground underneath the parking lot. Without sufficient ground, your parking lot can have depressions that cause standing water.


Previous Repairs Might Have Affected the Flow of Rainwater

Previous repairs might have even affected the flow of rainwater on the asphalt parking lot. If your parking lot has a catch basin, dirt, litter, and branches might be clogging the pipes and entry points. A clogged drain will slow the rate at which rainwater drains or even prevent it from draining at all.


Avoid Potential Liability Claims with an Accessible Parking Lot

Secure parking lots with no or very little damage offer a layer of protection for business owners from potential liability claims. Is there potential for customers falling, tripping, or twisting an ankle in your asphalt parking lot from potholes and cracks? If there is a chance of that happening, you could be open to a lawsuit. Don’t put your livelihood at risk in these challenging times by not taking care of your asphalt parking lot. Potential customers might decide to take their business elsewhere if your parking lot is in bad shape. If you know what the effects of rain are doing to your asphalt parking lot, seek help from Paving Plus. We will provide a freshly paved and maintained parking lot that everyone can use.



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