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Asphalt Maintenance Tips for Southwest Virginia from Paving Plus

How to Keep Pavement Looking Its Very Best?

This month, Paving Plus would like to review some asphalt maintenance tips for southwest Virginia. Perhaps you have concerns about a residential driveway or a large parking lot. No matter the type of paved surface, it requires some upkeep.

Installing asphalt is just the first step in a steady process of property maintenance. We know that asphalt provides many benefits to property owners. It offers a way to both seal and enhance the safety of paved areas. This makes it asphalt ideal for many applications.

Keeping paved surfaces looking their best, however, does require some additional care. For example, the elements alone will affect the appearance and stability of the asphalt. Varying temperatures where the ground heats and cools can cause cracking. Heavy use by vehicles can also affect how asphalt performs. This is where regular examination and maintenance are important. The Asphalt Institute FAQ page offers industry insight into many of the questions people have.


Examining Asphalt Surfaces for Wear or Damage

Most everyone can appreciate the new, smooth surface of freshly installed asphalt paving. It has a welcoming appearance that almost invites people to walk and drive on it. After the asphalt cures and it gets weeks and months of use, it may begin to show signs of wear. The signs of wear or damage can vary, depending on how often people use the paved surface.

On surfaces such as a residential driveway, surface cracks can appear simply from changes in the weather or temperatures. For commercial parking lots or municipal roads, heavy truck traffic and varying weights of multiple vehicles can take their toll. We reviewed many of these issues in last month’s blog about correcting various types of asphalt damage.

Rather than belabor this point, we recognize that damage to asphalt surfaces can occur regularly. Catching a maintenance problem early can save on time and repair costs. Some maintenance tips may look very simple, and with good reason. Once we install residential or commercial asphalt, we expect it to perform well.


Asphalt Maintenance Tips for Residential Properties

One of the main asphalt maintenance tips for residential properties is a visual inspection. Like any homeowner, you want to catch problems before they become a hazard to you or your family. Begin this process with a thorough cleaning of the pavement with a hose and stiff broom. Many homeowners do this with the change of seasons, to wash away any dirt and debris.

Next, locate any growing cracks or other disturbance in the surface of the asphalt. Visually check any side seams, corners, or places where the asphalt connects with other surfaces. These connecting spots where pavement joins with a curb, the street, or surrounding ground may show cracking or breaking.

Many homeowners can perform moderate asphalt maintenance themselves. One of the simplest is applying a small amount of asphalt sealer to the places that show some wear, cracking, or other small impressions. If you leave these minor signs of use, wear, and age unattended, they can lead to much larger issues. This is when you would need to contact paving professionals to either reinforce, patch, or resurface the pavement.


Commercial Property Asphalt Maintenance Tips

As with homes, commercial asphalt also requires a good cleaning as a first step in maintenance. Regular cleaning offers an effective way to check for some routine signs of wear and tear. Catching any significant cracking, and keeping it from spreading, goes a long way in preserving commercial asphalt. Finding loose bits of asphalt indicates the need for maintenance involving sealant application.

Commercial properties, due to their larger size, may have maintenance service contract with a local company. Paving Plus assists commercial property managers with asphalt maintenance for commercial surfaces so it is not a burden for businesses. Commercial asphalt maintenance tips like the prompt repair of potholes or timely sealcoating require materials and manpower. It takes an experienced team or crew to perform commercial asphalt maintenance properly.

One general tip appropriate to both home and commercial parking lots is to avoid parking vehicles in the same spot. The indenture from vehicles can cause dips in the surface. Utilizing restriping services is one way for commercial lots to manage this asphalt maintenance warning sign.


One of the Best Asphalt Maintenance Tips

One of the top asphalt maintenance tips we can suggest is good for any type of pavement. The best tip is one that can be done every day and takes very little effort. You might even choose to delegate this maintenance tip to others in your household or business if you like.

So what is the best asphalt maintenance tip? Well, it does have two parts, really. The first is to take time to regularly check your asphalt pavement, and not just admire its beauty. Spread the word on the signs to notice when your asphalt needs maintenance, and make it a team effort.

The paving professionals at Paving Plus love providing a perfect asphalt pavement for our customers throughout Southwest Virginia. Our crews work hard to keep asphalt looking great—but we need to know when your pavement requires attention. Our top tip is to have our phone number in your phone! Use it to call us anytime to schedule residential or commercial asphalt maintenance. We are happy to help.


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