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Residential Driveways

Driveways Are Our Specialty!

Professional Residential Paving Done Right in the Christiansburg, VA Area

At Paving Plus, we install, repair, and seal more residential driveways than all of our other projects combined. Driveways are our specialty, throughout the Christiansburg, VA area. We can professionally install a brand new standard sized level driveway in less than one day in most cases! Hills, uneven terrain, and poor drainage don’t have to prevent you from having the sleek look of a shiny black or tan ribbon winding up to your property.

Paving Plus has the expertise to provide a smooth, even, bump-free surface on all types of terrain. We make sure that the job is done right and that adequate drainage is in place beneath and around the installation area when necessary, also. This helps ensure that water (one of the most destructive forces on Earth) doesn’t unnecessarily shorten the lifespan of your investment.

Driveways, Sidewalks, Courts, Ramps, Parking, Roads, & Hardscapes

We can install residential asphalt:

  • \ Basketball Courts
  • \ Sports Courts
  • \ Driveways
  • \ Garage Ramps
  • \ Hardscapes
  • \ Parking Areas
  • \ Maintenance-free Areas
  • \ Private Access Roads
  • \ Sidewalks & Walkways
  • \ And more

Hardscapes for a Maintenance-free Yard

We can install just about any maintenance-free asphalt or concrete surface that you want. When mowing, weed-eating, and trimming trees and bushes on a weekly basis gets to be just too much, our retired senior, disabled, and busy working homeowners may elect to redo their yards and properties with a sleek, virtually maintenance-free hardscape of asphalt, concrete, or gravel.

Potted gardens, small decorative trees, or raised beds can later be added as attractive and manageable accents or we can leave an area of soil available to be incorporated into your design. Instead of being chained to the drudgery of never ending yard work, sit back and enjoy the beauty of permanent, maintenance-free curb appeal!

Regular maintenance is important for asphalt paving – with regular maintenance, your asphalt can last virtually indefinitely. For homeowners, we recommend that you have your asphalt surface re-sealed every two to three years or when the appearance begins to look dry/light grey instead of black.

Private Roadways

Extended Driveways

Residential Asphalt Maintenance

You should regularly examine your asphalt paving for any signs of necessary maintenance and have a professional inspection if you suspect that any issues may be developing. It is important to determine as soon as possible if your asphalt requires any necessary repairs and/or maintenance.

We can fill cracks with hot rubberized crack filling to stabilize cracks and maintain the integrity of your asphalt surface. Asphalt that has not been well maintained may require re-surfacing. Concrete surfaces should be sealed every year or two (or when water fails to “bead up” when dropped onto the surface).

If you notice missing areas, cracks, etc., you should have these areas repaired as soon as they are discovered. Any cracks or holes allow water to infiltrate into the area below the pavement. This water can destroy the integrity of your pavement and if it goes through the freeze/thaw cycles of winter, your entire pavement could become cracked and crumbled throughout within the year.

Residential Concrete Maintenance

Once cracks and/or holes have taken over your asphalt or concrete, it is only a matter of time before it will fail completely and expose you to possible liability. We can repair significant damage, but in some cases removal and replacement or re-surfacing will be the more viable alternative.

If you do need to order any repairs or asphalt/concrete replacement, you can count on Paving Plus to give you a fair price and we guarantee our work. Call Paving Plus, in Christiansburg, today for a free inspection and estimate: (540) 731-3000.