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Benefits of Asphalt vs. Concrete

Paving Plus Provides Asphalt and Concrete Services

Homeowners in and around Christiansburg, VA, have debated the benefits of asphalt vs. concrete for decades. Asphalt and concrete are similar in that paving contractors install both surfaces over gravel. The surfaces are also a mixture of sand and stone. Paving Plus is well versed in the makeup, installation, and benefits of asphalt and concrete. We provide both asphalt and concrete paving services. In our August blog, we focus on the benefits of asphalt vs. concrete.



Affordability is a Crucial Benefit of Asphalt Installation

Asphalt driveways can be very affordable to install. They cost approximately 50 percent less than concrete. In these tough economic times, we all search for cost-effective ways to maintain our homes and properties. Paving Plus is proud to provide the most competitive installation prices in the region.



Our Asphalt Driveways Are Smooth and Increase Curb Appeal

When you have an unpaved driveway, there are multiple problems that could pop up. Loose stones, potholes, mud puddles, and dust can be nuisances for homeowners. When Paving Plus installs an asphalt driveway, you won’t have to worry about stones in your lawn or mud puddles. The asphalt driveway will be smooth, easier on your vehicle’s tires, and increase your property value.



You Can Count on Concrete to Last for Decades

One of the best benefits of concrete surfaces is their durability. The lifetime of concrete surfaces can extend to 40 years or more, if the homeowner maintains them. If you do not want to repave or sealcoat every two to three years, concrete is an ideal surface. Paving Plus can also provide concrete repair services.



Concrete Surfaces Are Cooler than Asphalt During the Summer

Concrete driveways and walkways are ideal in the warmer temperatures of Southwestern Virginia. Asphalt draws in the heat during the summer, while concrete deflects it. We’re sure that you’ve experienced asphalt during a hot summer day, when the sun was baking the surface. The light color of concrete keeps the surface at a cooler temperature.


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