Hiring A Licensed And Insured Paving Contractor

Blog 10 Licensed and Insured Paving Contractor

Insurance Keeps Workers and Customers Covered Are you hiring a licensed and insured paving contractor? Contractors in multiple trades specializing in different services and skills must have some level of insurance coverage. Paving contractors are no different. Insurance plans for paving contractors covers accident liability, property damage, and pollution liability, among others. There are specific […]

Things to Consider Before Hiring an Asphalt Paving Company

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Choose a Quality Asphalt Paving Company like Paving Plus There are some things to consider before hiring an asphalt paving company. Hiring an unqualified paving company to perform asphalt paving for your home or business, could cost you. Asphalt paving can be one of our biggest investments, so you have to choose the right paving […]

Asphalt Paving for First-Time Homeowners

Blog 8

Paving Plus Eases Your Stress After Buying a New Home Asphalt paving for first-time homeowners can be a stressful and confusing time. You just made the biggest investment of your lives when you bought the house in Southwest Virginia. The driveway appears to be in bad shape. Maybe you don’t even have a driveway, but […]

Asphalt Maintenance Tips

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Help Your Asphalt Last Longer with These Maintenance Tips Are you looking for asphalt maintenance tips? You’ve come to the right place. In this month’s blog, Paving Plus is giving our Southwest Virginia clients, and potential clients, asphalt maintenance tips. Your asphalt driveway will be one of your biggest investments this year, so you should […]

Water-Based Sealcoating vs. Oil-Based Sealant

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What You Need to Know About Sealcoating and Oil-Based Sealants Knowing the pros and cons of water-based sealcoating vs. oil-based sealant could decide which you choose for your driveway. Oil-based sealants have advantages. They tend to last longer on your Southwestern Virginia surface. But water-based sealcoating is more beneficial for many customers that are interested […]

Asphalt Overlay vs. Asphalt Sealcoating

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Asphalt Overlay and Asphalt Sealcoating Are Very Similar Are you wondering about the difference between asphalt overlay vs. asphalt sealcoating? You’re actually not alone. Many of our clients are unfamiliar with the difference between an asphalt overlay and asphalt sealcoating. That’s totally understandable. Both paving methods are similar. Paving Plus uses them for repair and […]

Should You Patch a Pothole?

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Patching a Pothole is an Inexpensive Short-Term Repair Should you patch a pothole? That’s a question that homeowners and business owners ask every year when the weather turns warmer. Pothole patching is generally inexpensive, which is a plus during these tough economic times. The drawback to this paving method is that it’s a short-term repair. […]

When Should I Repave My Driveway?


You Should Repave Your Driveway in Late Spring or Early Summer When should I repave my driveway? It’s a question that comes up for homeowners like yourself every year. Repaving your driveway might be on your list of things to take care of in the summer. You’re probably looking forward to making your driveway the […]

Safety First During Paving

Paving Plus Emphasizes Safety for Our Crew and Clients While the actual service of paving is what everyone thinks is key, safety first during paving is critical. Paving can result in injuries. However, those injuries are preventable, meaning safety should be the top priority at every paving site. At Paving Plus, we emphasize safety to […]

What to Expect From a Paving Plus Consultation


Contact Us Today to Get a Free Consultation and Estimate In this month’s blog, our team will tell you the basics about what to expect from a Paving Plus consultation. Spring is approaching in Southwestern Virginia, and the temperature is rising. It seems like a good time to repair, repave, or sealcoat your driveway or […]