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Safety First During Paving

Paving Plus Emphasizes Safety for Our Crew and Clients

While the actual service of paving is what everyone thinks is key, safety first during paving is critical. Paving can result in injuries. However, those injuries are preventable, meaning safety should be the top priority at every paving site. At Paving Plus, we emphasize safety to our paving crews while on the job in Southwestern Virginia. We want our employees to maintain safety for themselves and our clients as they pave a driveway or parking lot.


In this month’s blog, Paving Plus is taking a look at how we emphasize safety first during a paving project. We want to make the paving process go as smoothly as possible for both our employees and clients.


We Are Careful When Getting On and Off Machinery

We are careful when we get on and off machinery. Safely getting on and off the machinery seems like a simple act that should be safe. However, slippery surfaces, moving machinery, and operator carelessness can all cause injuries or worse. Our employees check for muddy footwear and wear high-grip gloves. They also make sure they have a stable handhold and footrest on the machine at all times when entering or exiting.


Paving Plus emphasizes that our paving crews don’t gather around a piece of machinery while it is in use. We also warn clients and anyone else to stay clear of the machinery. Injuries can happen if you’re not paying attention to what’s going on.


Our Team Members Try to Keep Their Distance from Drivers

If there are any drivers nearby, we want our paving crew to maintain their distance. We use signage that instructs drivers when we are working. Our employees wear high-visibility clothing and gear.


Paving Plus Employees Attempt to Avoid Machine Rollovers

The team at Paving Plus is very careful during loading and unloading. Machine rollovers and other injuries are common. Our crews work as a team, employing a spotter, using proper tie-down procedures and safety tie wires. We also use other safety equipment and procedures during loading and unloading.

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