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Blog 11

Benefits Of Driveway Resurfacing

A Driveway Is Like The Red Carpet For A Home

Do you know the benefits of driveway resurfacing? No matter how long or short a driveway is, it’s one of the first things guests see when they arrive. A well-maintained driveway can boost the curb appeal of your home and virtually last a lifetime. When a driveway shows signs of wear like cracking, low spots, or chipping, it might be time for resurfacing. There are many benefits to driveway resurfacing and we’re going to take a look at them in this month’s blog.


Know When To Resurface Your Driveway

A typical asphalt driveway has a lifespan of 20 years. Multiple freeze-thaw cycles, continual weight of vehicles, and water drainage all play a part in aging a driveway. Sometimes sealing isn’t enough to repair the driveway as the problems run deeper into the ground. Investing large amounts of money in resealing materials may seem like the money saving option. However, you’ll never get that clean, black ribbon if a new driveway.


Examining your asphalt paving for any signs of necessary maintenance should be completed yearly by a professional. It is important to determine as soon as possible if your asphalt requires any necessary repairs and/or maintenance. If your driveway does need a complete resurfacing, it might be an easier project than you think. Depending on the length, width, shape, curve and water drainage pattern, a complete driveway resurfacing take one day.


A Resurfaced Driveway Can Be A Fun and Safe Place To Play

Resurfacing your driveway when cracks and holes appear and maintain the general safety of the surface. Uneven sections of worn out asphalt can become trip and fall hazards for your family and guests. Resurfacing an asphalt driveway will allow for the proper coverage of cracks, filling the depressions, and leveling the surface again. All helping to keep your property safe.


The driveway can host an occasional sibling vs. sibling basketball game or a place for your kids to ride bikes. It may even become a canvas for chalk drawings in the summertime. Having a smooth, flat surface for all of these activities can be an enjoyable space for the whole family.


Paving Plus Resurfaces Driveways in the Christiansburg Area

Paving Plus installs, repairs, and seals more residential driveways than all of our other services combined. We have the expertise to create a smooth, even, bump-free surface on all types of terrain. Our staff will even take a look at the water drainage system under your driveway and make any needed changes.


For more information on the benefits of resurfacing your driveway, give Paving Plus a call at 540-731-3000. Check out our Facebook page for the latest company happenings. We are happy educate our clients about the benefits of resurfacing your driveway.