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Why Seal Your Driveway?

Why Seal Your Driveway? BlogMR10

Paving Plus Reviews This Must-Do for Every Homeowner The question, “Why seal your driveway?” is a valid one for property owners to ask. The short answer is that sealing your driveway is essential for preserving its integrity and appearance. At Paving Plus in Christiansburg, VA, we recognize the critical role a well-maintained driveway plays in […]

Causes of Asphalt Breakdown: Key Factors

Causes of Asphalt Breakdown

Environmental Impact on Asphalt Surfaces from Paving Plus You may wonder about the causes of asphalt breakdown, so let’s take a few minutes to look at some key factors. Asphalt, a durable and versatile material, is not immune to the rigors of the environment. In Christiansburg, VA, and climates similar to ours, asphalt surfaces encounter […]

What Temperature is Good for Paving?

What temperature is good for paving?

Paving Plus Helps You Understand Ideal Paving Temperatures When considering a paving project, it’s crucial to understand that the success of asphalt paving is significantly influenced by temperature. Asphalt is a temperature-sensitive material, and its handling and application depend heavily on the weather conditions, especially the temperature. For optimal results, both the ground temperature and […]

How to Melt Ice Without Paving Damage

How to Melt Ice Without Paving Damage

Paving Plus Advises Choosing the Right Ice-Melting Products When winter arrives, keeping your pavement ice-free is crucial for safety. However, not all ice-melting products are created equal, especially when it comes to protecting your asphalt. At Paving Plus, we recommend using products that contain calcium chloride or magnesium chloride. These compounds are less harsh on […]

Paving the Way: The Benefits of a Paved Driveway vs. Gravel

Blog 12

 Asphalt and Gravel: Learn Which Is the Better Choice? Do you know the benefits of a paved driveway vs. gravel? For hundreds of years, people used dirt and gravel to build relatively smooth and flat driving surfaces on their property. They used materials that were available. When they were well taken care of, dirt and […]

Benefits Of Driveway Resurfacing

Blog 11

A Driveway Is Like The Red Carpet For A Home Do you know the benefits of driveway resurfacing? No matter how long or short a driveway is, it’s one of the first things guests see when they arrive. A well-maintained driveway can boost the curb appeal of your home and virtually last a lifetime. When […]

Hiring A Licensed And Insured Paving Contractor

Blog 10 Licensed and Insured Paving Contractor

Insurance Keeps Workers and Customers Covered Are you hiring a licensed and insured paving contractor? Contractors in multiple trades specializing in different services and skills must have some level of insurance coverage. Paving contractors are no different. Insurance plans for paving contractors covers accident liability, property damage, and pollution liability, among others. There are specific […]

Asphalt Maintenance Tips

Blog 7

Help Your Asphalt Last Longer with These Maintenance Tips Are you looking for asphalt maintenance tips? You’ve come to the right place. In this month’s blog, Paving Plus is giving our Southwest Virginia clients, and potential clients, asphalt maintenance tips. Your asphalt driveway will be one of your biggest investments this year, so you should […]

When to Repave Your Driveway for the New Year


Late Spring or Early Summer is the Best Time for Driveway Repaving You might be wondering when to repave your driveway for the new year. For homeowners in Christiansburg, VA, repaving your driveway might be on your list of New Year’s resolutions. It will probably be easier to repave your driveway than going on a […]

Sealcoating Your Asphalt Pavement for Winter


Help Your Asphalt Survive Winter Weather with Sealcoating Sealcoating your asphalt pavement for winter is the best way to help your driveway or parking lot survive. Winters in Christiansburg, VA, or the surrounding region aren’t as bad as our northern neighbors, but they can be very harsh. Conditions in Southwestern Virginia can include snow, ice, […]